Poly with STANDARD Non-Glare

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About Polycarbonate Lenses:

A required lens material for kids eyewear, offering the highest level of impact resistance.


About Anti-Glare: 

This coating does more than just minimizing the glare on your child's glasses in photos.  The true benefit is it allows more light to refract through the lens making vision clearer, especially at night, reducing halo and glare around lights.  This is more than a cosmetic upgrade, this benefits your child.


RUSH option now available- glasses ship in 1 business day. 

This option is only available for Rx up to +/-4.00 in Sphere, and up to -2.50 in Cylinder.  This option is not available in any higher prescriptions, bifocals or sunglasses and will be refunded if incorrectly chosen.

One-Year Manufacturer Warranty: 

This covers manufacturer-defects only (not normal wear and tear or scratches).

*Additional warranty available for $40 upgrade (choose option below) which covers a one-time lens replacement for the same prescription as original purchase, good for one year from date of purchase.


How to Order: 

Add this lens choice plus your frame choice, to your cart for one-stop shopping!   Enter your child's prescription in the fields below OR upload a photo of the prescription, along with the PD measurement.  If your doctor did not provide the PD (pupillary distance) measurement on your script, you can measure it yourself!  See the photo in this listing for a simple how-to.

TURNAROUND TIME:  Please allow 7-10 business days to receive your complete pair of glasses, after date of order.

**** Contact us prior to purchase if your child's prescription is higher than a +5.00 and -5.00 or has a cylinder (astigmatism) higher than a -3.00, as additional charges will be applied.

**All sales final on prescription lenses and no doctor changes are currently offered.


IMPORTANT: Kids Bright Eyes, LLC. is not responsible for prescriptions entered into the fields below, incorrectly.  To ensure accuracy with your prescription, we require a PD measurement for your left and right eye.  Do not hesitate to contact us prior to your purchase, with questions.