Anti-Fog Spray

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  • Fogged-up glasses are an annoying issue for every spectacle wearer, and for a long time there was almost no feasible solution to this problem – until now.
  • ZEISS Anti-fog is a spray which, in conjunction with the accompanying cloth, can be quickly applied to both sides of the lens. The result: the lens stays fog-free for up to 72 hours without interfering with its optical quality.
  • ZEISS Anti-fog spray leaves behind a thin film – comparable with a temporary additional coating – on the lenses. This ensures that fine, condensed water droplets cannot adhere to the lens surface. Thanks to the cloth, this process is quick, gentle and does not damage the lens coating.
  • This product can be used without any problem with coated snow goggles, sunglasses, helmet visors, ski, swimming and diving goggles as well as with lenses for computer glasses, protective eyewear and camera lenses.